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guldheden vit logga (kopia)

Living at the Guldheden Student housing

Living at Guldhedens Studiehem during your studies has many perks. To live here you need to study at least 75% (22,5 ECTS per semester). You also need to respect our drugs and alcoholics policy, and also the christian values we build this house on. You do not need to be a christian. If you have any questions, contact

To sign up for a place in the queue, visit and fill out the form. The registration asks questions regarding a Reference, Credit check, Max rent and Second signee. These answers do not matter to us and you can answer them any way you like. Your chance of a contract will not be affected. Don’t forget to tell us what you are or are going to study.

Available rooms are posted on the page Ansökan. Apply by emailing us. We will not inform you when rooms become available, you have to be updated yourself and email us if you are interested.

At Guldhedens Studiehem we provide meals for our residents. See more below!

Below you will find information on how things work at Guldhedens Studiehem.

You pay your rent the last business day of the month to BG 483-8413. The bill is left in your mailbox or emailed to you.  Late payment is charged with a fee of 50 SEK. Remember to always enter invoice number.

Fire, burglary or other accidents can always happen. You might have to pay compensation for damages you cause to the building, eg by water from a broken aquarium or sink, or fire from an appliance. In these cases an insurance will have you covered.

You clean your own room and make sure that you leave the common kitchen without any dirty dishes or crumbs. The common areas are cleaned by our janitor/cleaner, but you have to pick up your own stuff.

If something needs to be fixed in you room, kitchen, laundary room etc, contact Serious problems, perhaps a broken water pipe, should be reported to the On Call: +46 736-30 70 54. The housing is non profit, so please be careful with our rooms and furniture. 

At Guldheden some residents have extra responsibilities for the well being around the house. They provide activities and will listen if you need someone to talk to. 

You are entitled to rent out your room second hand if good reasons exist. All agreements must be approved by us and we also want a signed copy. You are responsible for your room and rent payment during the stay of your second hand tenant. Second hand renting without our approval can lead to eviction.

I you are locked out from your room contact the on call. Phone: +46 736-30 70 54.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served most business days. You can choose either lucnh or dinner, and if you leave a lunch box with a meal coupon in, you can eat it at another time. June, July and August no food is served and you pay only for your room.

The days you want to eat lunch or dinner you have to book your food at latest 08:30. This is also the when you need to have left your lunch box. Mark your box with apartment number.

We provide some parking for guests. If you need a permanent spot you can sign up for a separate queue. All parked cars must show their permit. Eventual tickets are to be disputed with Parkeringstjänst Väst.

You can park one bike in our storage room. Do not block entrances or other bikes.

Here you can recycle most types of garbarge: food waste, plastics, paper, metal, glass etc.

You may use our printer either with a usb or on our wi-fi. You pay per page you print.

No animals are permitted. This is so that allergic people can live here as well.

All rooms are equipped with connected smoke detectors and in the common areas fire extinguishers are placed. Evacuation plans are postet on each floor.

Save these in danger. Call the fire brigade, phone number 112. Warn others and try to put out the fire if safe to do so. Close all doors behind you. Assemble at the parking lot behing Coop.

Know where fire extinguishers are placed, how to evacuate and where to go. Also don’t leave candles or the stove without supervision.

Rooms at Guldhedens Studiehem

Most rooms look like the sketch below and contain

  • a chair and a desk
  • a bookshelf
  • some lights

You can also borrow a bed and a small armchair.

A normal room costs 4780 SEK per month, where 3000 SEK is the compulsory food part. Some rooms are smaller and thus cheaper.

Alcohol and drug policy

At Guldheden we offer an alcohol and drug free environment. You don’t need to be completely sober but have to abide to the following:

  • Don’t store or consume alcohol in the buildning.
  • Don’t use narcotics.
  • Don’t disturb others with your manners.

Breaking these rules can lead to evicition.